Tuesday, 4 May 2010

How I learnt the word Propose… ;)

Guys, this is little similar to the post I made before but there is something different here… I am just telling you an incident that reminds me of the word “propose”…. ;)  Funny incident of course that sprung up to my mind all of a sudden after eight years… :)  I can read what u have in your mind right now… This is not my complete love story but you can add it to one of my idiotic infatuation stories. ;)  This is one extremely funny incident where I didn’t know what to answer to a girl at a certain situation.
Okay I am starting my story, I was always a guy who easily fell for girls in my school days (It was not the same in college ;) ). The list of girls I had crush, in my school days were exorbitant or maybe outrageous… :P.  But I was kind of serious with a girl (I mean a little longer than others.. ;) ) in my ninth standard.  We both were good friends and she used to come to my home for tuitions (my mom took tuitions of maths). Somehow I felt the arrow of the cupid from her eyes( at that time… :P as it’s a common symptom of love after all) and also it was mutual I suppose, as she was the only person who used to laugh for all my worthless jokes in classes( :P) then she used to sit beside me in classes.. ;) Okay let me get to the story, there was guy who studied with us whose name was Ram(made up name as he is still my friend.. :P). He also loved this girl and this girl never liked him and constantly complained about this guy to ME(:P). On a lovely, romantic rainy night, after the tuitions were over, I was standing near my flat's entrance. She walked slowly and came close me and poured the unfathomable three words into my ears. Her eyes were wide open with terror after hearing my reply. I think she almost got fed up with the innocent kid Bragi… :P  Can u guess what the three words were??
It was “Ram PROPOSED me!!!!!”… :P and My reply was “Yeah let him propose what’s wrong in that???” with a perplexed look( cos I never knew the meaning of the word propose… :P). Her next reply was “Idiot!! (a look of ‘ u r good for nothing’.. :P)  He told me ‘I love you’ ”. I was stumbled for a moment but before I came back to reality the matter was taken to some other person who is off the blog for now .. :P
 I need to say, this girl’s another character, she used to fight and shout like fish vendor in moor market(its derogatory but still I need to give u ppl a good picture in mind). She was never compromising during arguments, simply speaking I can put it in one tamil word “Bajaree”… :P. She taught me a valuable lesson about girls.. “Girls are the most vicious beings that god had ever created.”  Simply explaining my philosophy “They are non-violent terrorists.. :P ”.
Btw this idiotic infatuation of mine took a long journey of two years, that is, till I completed my tenth grade of schooling. But still I couldn’t feel the cupid’s arrow working on her side after this incident… :o :P :D Now I really burst out of laughter when I think of this incident behind the word PROPOSE. Shit I never knew there was such a usage for that word until my ninth standard.. :P
There is another funniest thing about this girl. My mom found out this affair after two years, and there was a five minutes long lecture with harsh and embarrassing words thrown over me… :P The saddest thing was I never proposed her and I was never behind her after tenth and she became suspicious for no reason. Finally I was pulled into a room on the eve of joyful diwali and advices droned on for five minutes continuously without even allowing a poor soul to open its mouth.. :P Ha ha ha ha.. :D That was when I really experienced the Einstein’s Theory of relativity, five minutes of droning advice from mom is equivalent to five years with a side effect of head spinning and partial insomnia… :P