Sunday, 25 April 2010

Some Random Thought... ;)

Well I am writing this blog with insane mind, a mind which is in command of the supreme mother nature Gaia…  I used to think intoxicating is a sin, as people say our body is temple of lord. Well but if the so called lord doesn’t show his effervescent and divine face to all the people then I have no other option than to bring god out of the temple and make him wander outside saying “hi dude!! This place is infernal, why don’t I change it a bit… ;)”. Philanthropic deed in going high u know…  I personally feel that going high is act of divining oneself so precisely and realizing the feats that a person is capable of.

Cool!! I am bringing something out of nothing… Thoughts are blank but my fingers are typing.. Awesome feeling!!! Sorry I am rambling away from the topic I started with. The above stated philosophy has one main assumption. If it’s false then my philosophy would be a fiasco. It is stated under the assumption that god exist. Well I took Bhagavat Gita as example and stated that philosophy. Well I continue with this assumption as I personally feel that there is no specific god but there is a hierarchy that is being followed in this universe and we are all persuaded by our respective societies to put up with it. There are some people who became mad by questioning these traditions and customs (jealousy u know, they want to become king without being a warrior, they think it’s like Indian politics). Politics is a trip kuth so put it aside. Well it’s all, the way u question them. If u want to invent a conspiracy in the traditions then u fall on the wrong side. Some luckily fell into the right side and guided their successors. It’s better I get into the nub before I forgot what I was about to say. Here it is, in veda, well I accidentally bumped into this piece of information when I was researching on vedic astrology, whatever, there are 4 types of feelings or deeds that a person has to do or cross when he born on this earth. Artha, Kama, moksha and dharma. Now I can think what u think  .I can say the only word u would have recognized here would be kama(if u don’t know Sanskrit). Dharma “finding the meaning of life”. Kama fulfilling all the desires of life. Moksha eternity. So one cannot attain eternity without getting bored of the other deeds. Some may even deride this by claiming this to an act of justifying my deeds, for them I show my condolences for locking up their mind, for betraying their inner voice. Don’t ask me if I have one, I merged it with my voice… :P

If god doesn’t exist then there is another philosophy to advocate the intoxicating stuff u know… this should be read only by atheists:

U don’t believe in god, and if someone asks y, u say it’s because u believe in urself. To say the truth, that’s a very inspiring one but analyzing this statement with deep insight I feel that u people are bloody arrogant and stubborn ones thinking that u r the one who is manipulating everything that happens around u. U have a natural gift of being high always. U are living in an illusionary world, thinking that what u do is what u wanted to do and there is no reason behind it. Oh sorry I wanted to say some other thing, now I m denouncing atheists, wish the chief minister doesn’t read this… ;) Anyway he doesn’t know English…. ;)

Well what I am finally trying to tell is that, Smoke weeds… Go High… Feel the inner voice…

P.S: Inner voice may lead u into trouble sometimes when u r high, cos even its high when u r high.. ha ha ha ha… :D I msgd a person when I was high and told a truth. So beware of inner voice… :P


  1. good one to start ur blog with. :) btw... let ppl know who that person is, well its me only. You told me all the rude things(truth) u wanted to tell me wen u wr high. ;)that's all right still!!!
    Anyways...happy blogging :)
    awaiting for more interesting posts and poems from you.

  2. rude things?? i never said anything rude...